Thursday, April 5, 2007

What my dog thinks

"Hey look at my new toy. Look. Look. Hey. Look. Look at the toy. Look at it. Look. Want to play with it? No? What if....I....slowly walk...around the coffee table....NOW?!! No? Do you want me to lick your face? What about your arm? Your hand? Can I sit on the couch with you? Yes? Does pushing me off mean yes? This a game right? I like this game. Oh, it's not a game. I'm going to go into the kitchen. Boorrring. Maybe the living room is better. Nope. I'll try the kitchen again. Hm. Still boring. Living room? Kitchen. Living room. Kitchen. What? Is this bothering you? Oh, sorry. Do you want to play now? How about if I just chew on your pants? BARK! Ha ha. Scared you. That was funny. You totally should have seen your face. Oh you're mad now. Are you sure don't want to play? Even with this new toy? This one? Here. This one. This toy. Here, I'll put it closer to your face so you can see it better. No? Ok. I'm just going to be walking around the coffee table if you need me."


May-B said...

I love your dog. I had a black lab just like that. Although, her preference was to lick you with both sides of her tongue at once. You are in for many years of trouble!

notquiteawake said...

The amazing thing is, he's still growing! I'm beginning to think he will never stop. I guess the plus side to that is I can save on gas by riding him to work.