Thursday, June 21, 2007


Good afternoon. Today's lesson is called "The misuse of air quotes" This lesson is very important and should be carefully studied by all.

Has anyone seen the Friends episode where Joey air quotes everything he says? It's funny right? Because he's stupid. It's funny because he's stupid. Now I'm not saying that people who misuse air quotes are stupid, they just look stupid and, really, if you look stupid who really cares if you are or not? Not me. So, because I am extremely smart and not judgemental in any way, I will graciously open my arms and lend you my expertise. Pay attention.

Air quotes are to be used to indicate irony, not emphasis. For example: If your co-worker says he's going home from work early because he's sick but you really know he's going out drinking, you could go up to your other co-worker and say, "So, buddy when home "sick" a few minutes ago". That would mean you know that he didn't actually go home sick.

Air quotes are not to be used in the following way: "My friend "Josh" is coming over tonight". Using air quotes this way indicates that you don't really know your friends name. Is it Josh? Is it Shawn? Who knows. Apparently not you.

This concludes today's lesson.


Tricia said...
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Tricia said...

Great post! I hate when people use air quotes wrong, I also hate when people use there, their and they're wrong. I could also make a serious case against people who use MSN language in their professional emails...'k? I'm not LMAO or lol-ing ppl! :)

Working From Home Today said...


The Council Against The Misuse of "Air Quotes"

May-B said...

Totally in agreement. I particularly hate it when people misuse quotes on signs. Come to our "sale". Everything "half" price.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Air quotes of any kind should be controlled with some kind of law. Like you must take a written test to earn an air quotes licence.

Tricia, I don't even like when people use MSN language on MSN. Just write the whole damed word! As if writing "NEwayz" saved you any time. And it took me for freaking ever to figure out who the hell Xtina was. Just write Christina, damn you!

B, you just made me think of Corner Gas.

Tricia said...

Hey, I found a site about misused quotes, enjoy!