Friday, October 5, 2007

Things that annoy me part 2

I read this article in Oprah(yes, I read Oprah, shut up)about people who complain too much and bring people down and piss people off and stuff. The article suggested trying out a "complaining fast" which is supposed to reduce stress and bad feelings etc. I thought it sounded pretty good because not only do people who complain constantly annoy the crap of me but I am also one of them. I can't stand when people complain incessantly but I am probably one of the worst complainers I know and that's one of the things that I think I could really improve about myself. So, I decided to try the fast. They recommend starting with a one week period and them moving up from there to having a complain free life. I decided to start with something more manageable. Like, a day. I started on Monday. Then I started again on Tuesday. Then Wednesday. Now it's Friday morning and I've already failed. I am at work mind you and it's just a natural reaction to being here. The conclusion I've come to is that this complaining fasting just isn't working for me. And it's stupid. No, it's not stupid but I can't do it. Not right now anyway. Which gently leads into the second half of my post titled "Things that annoy me part 2"
  • People who reply all to group emails. First off, likely half the people won't even get the joke or know who the hell you are or care what you're talking about. Second, you're not funny.
  • People who ride bikes who think both motorist and pedestrian rules should apply to them. I can sometimes understand riding on the sidewalk and, while it's annoying, sometimes it's necessary. Especially where I live. You don't, however, get to use the pedestrian crosswalks when you're riding a bike. If you are thinking about pushing the pedestrian button to cross the street on your bike and you see me coming, think again. I will not stop for you.
  • People who throw their cigarette buts on the ground. Most people who do this would think it's appalling to throw a used Kleenex or a gum wrapper on the ground but don't think twice about throwing down their used cigarettes. Since when is throwing poison wrapped in paper on the ground not littering? Since never.

That's all for now. Unless I decide to take another complaining fast I would expect many more of these enlightening posts in the future.


Terri said...

Bikes as pedestrian/vehicles is one of my biggest pet peeves! Drives me crazy. That and pleated pants.

may-b said...

Ohmigosh. Totally me too. The pedestrian thing PISSES me off. Either you are a vehicle or you GET OFF YOUR DAMN BIKE AND WALK the crosswalk.

Sorry, unneccessary yelling.