Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Something you should know

You know what's not a good idea to do when you want me to hurry up? Clap at me. Clapping at me at any time is not a good idea. Clapping because of me is fine, but clapping at me is not in any way something you should be doing. Why? Because I am not a dog or an irritating insect and, not only will I NOT hurry up if you do this, but it is also very likely that I will throw the key that I brought back to you after driving half way to work, in the snow at your feet and drive away. Good. I'm glad we got that cleared up.


Mike & Erin said...

Incidentally, I have a relative that "whistles" at my child to try to get him to crawl over. It drives me nuts. "AJ! AJ!" they call...and then whistle.

So i totally get it.

You should have at least waited until you got your treat and your "Good Girl!" before you drove away though. ;-)

may-b said...

Um, I have to admit I am guilty of that. I forget that I am not dealing with the dogs and I snap to get someone's attention or to stop what they are doing. And then, I feel like a jackass.