Thursday, November 15, 2007


As noted in previous posts, I'm not a fan of stupid forwarded emails. And, just to clarify, most forwarded emails are stupid. There are very few that are not. That being said, I sort of maybe can understand, or accept might be the better word, why people forward most things. They really think the email is funny or touching or cool or whatever. Or maybe they are having some really bad luck and they think, "Hey, what's the harm in sending this magic angel email to 25 people? Maybe I will get that phone call from my dead aunt that I've been waiting for".

Many people have a different sense of what is funny or cool or possible than I do so that's fine. Annoying, but fine. What I don't understand, are the people who still really think that Bill Gates is going to send them money if they forward me an email. Really? You really think that? After 10 years of consistent proof that this email chain is not only a fraudulent but impossible to execute? You really really think that Bill Gates is monitoring your email sending habits and will reward you with $250.00 for every email you send? Really? I can't even fathom why I am still getting these emails. "It's worth a shot" doesn't even apply in this case. There is no possible way that Bill Gates is going to send you money. No matter how many times you write THIS REALLY WORKS!! in the body of the email, no matter how big and colourful you make the letters, and no matter how many reputable broadcasters and associations you cite that HAVE DONE STORIES ON IT SO IT'S REALLY REAL!!!! it isn't real. It really isn't. I'm sorry. Stop sending them to me.

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