Saturday, June 14, 2008


My Dad is the type of man who will listen to your problems and not judge.
He knows how to make people laugh and he knows how to make people feel better about themselves. He's been known for making people feel good about going to work everyday.
I can talk to my Dad about almost anything and I know he'll support me.
My Dad is the strongest person I know. All the strength I have I got from him.
He's lives life to it's fullest.
He's ambitious enough to start his own photography company and talented enough to thrive at it.
He likes gardening and the Toronto Maple Leafs.
He loves his family.
He never gives up.
He never looks down on people.
My Dad is fair and honest and giving.

My Dad is truly my hero.
That's why I love him.
Happy Father's Day Dad.

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