Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two posts in one day! I'm a hero

I've added this to my online dating profile:

*Update* After being here for a couple of weeks now I've developed a sense of what I'm NOT looking for:
-If you think it would be cool to send me naked pictures of yourself, you have probably contacted the wrong person. You and I do not share the same view about what is cool.
-I would like to chat for a bit first before we start planning where our future kids are going to go to school. I prefer to take it slow. These sites still scare me a bit.
That's it! Otherwise I'm pretty open. I try not to judge people on their looks so if I have things in common with someone, and their message has more substance than "hey you're a hottie" than I would be happy to give anyone a chance and I would hope that they would do the same for me!

That, in a nutshell, is pretty much how the whole online dating experience is going for me. I didn't really expect anything different though. At least, if I was actually going out on dates I would have had some funny stories, but I can't even give you that.

Surprisingly, the online interest in me has subsided. This could be because the initial surge of interest was based on all the regulars jumping on the newbie(figuratively, ew!) to see if she could possibly be the one for them, please lord or please. Or it could be because now I sound like a scary bitch.

Either way I'm not that heartbroken.

The only guy who I could even possibly be interested in has stopped messaging me. Everyone else either doesn't speak English or immediately asks for my phone number. I've stopped being polite. If someone gives me too much information right off the top I just close the chat window. I think I'm just going to have to slowly wean myself off. What a tragedy. For the English students.

I guess I'll actually have to start going out and doing stuff. Boo.


tee said...

I like stuff...we'll go out and do stuff together...yay!

courtney said...

Awww! Maybe you need to find some different sites!