Friday, January 16, 2009

Grey's of our lives

A conversation between the writers at Grey's Anatomy(probably pretend):

Writer #1: So, 5th season's coming up hey? That's pretty awesome. We should brainstorm to come up with some new, fresh and exciting material so this season doesn't start tanking as most shows do around this time.

Writer #2: Yeah, it's going to be hard to come up with ideas that haven't been done by both us and also the other 800 hospital dramas out there.

Writer #3: We could watch some old episodes of St. Elsewhere and maybe steal some ideas from there? Most of our viewers are probably too old to have seen episodes of that show.

Writer #2: At least ER is in it's last season. We won't have that for competition. Although their plot lines mainly consist of bringing back old characters.

Writer #1: Yeah, we haven't really been on the air long enough to start bringing back characters. And there really aren't any characters to bring back.....or are there.....OH MY GOD I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA!

Writer #3: What? Tell us!

Writer #1: What was one of the most popular episodes of the past seasons?

Writer : #2: The one about the bomb?

Writer #1: No, think emotion. Think of our entire target audience sitting in front of their TV's bawling their eyes out.

Writer #3: The one where Denny died!

Writer #1: Yes! Exactly!

Writer #3: So, what's your idea.

Writer #1: Oh my god. Are you ready? We. Bring. Denny. Back.

Writer #2: But he's dead.

Writer #1: Exactly.

Writer #2: What....

Writer #1: Remember that time Katherine Heigl told the media that she wouldn't win any awards because basically we suck and couldn't write her any good parts?

Writer #3: Yeah. Bitch.

Writer #1: Well, we are going to write her the role of a lifetime. Check this out: Izzy Stevens finally thinks she's going to get over Denny and be in a normal relationship with Karev but then...she starts seeing a ghost!

Writer #3: Ok...

Writer #1: And not just a ghost like, some kind of see-through apparition or presence. He is going to be Denny in solid form. And only Izzy can see him. And not just SEE him but also TALK to him and shit. All the time. In front of other people.

Writer #2: But won't people think she's crazy?

Writer #1: Yeah! That's the beauty of it! Everyone will think she's getting a bit weird but they will barely mention it and it will never be clear to anyone what's going on, even to the viewers. It will just be like, random Denny time for no reason.

Writer #2: But, she'll be a laughing-stock!

Writer #1: Exactly. Next time she wants to blame writers for her lack of prestigious awards, maybe she'll think twice.

Writer #2: I love it. I totally love it. People will stop watching the show because it will get so fucking stupid but it's totally worth it.

Writer #3: OH MY GOD. Let's make her have SEX with the ghost!!! And not just sex, but loud awkward sex. And then, when people see her, she will obviously be alone and then it will be even MORE awkward.

Writer #2: Brilliant!

Writer #1: This is going to fucking rock you guys. I can't wait to write this season. Man, what a bitch.


Stacey said...

I haven't watched last night's episode, and several others are also sitting on the prv unwatched.

But I 100% agree. It makes me uncomfortable cause it is so, so bad.

erin said...

this made me laugh right out loud a few times but i dare not tell you LOL.


May-B said...

Nicely done. It's like you were THERE.

Sourpuss said...

I stopped watching Days of Our Lives when I was 14 because people started to get possessed and the characters began seeing ghosts. Grey's is going the way of Days. One less thing to watch on a busy Thursday TV evening.

Anonymous said...

so you must really be looking forward to tonight's episode then....

Working From Home Today said...

SPOILER ALERT (though I'm sure you saw it?): She's sick! Gee, didn't see that coming. But I have to say, how they played it out wasn't as irritating as I expected.