Saturday, March 21, 2009

So, you think you can dance? No.

You know those shows, either reality or not, and it's a dance class and there's one person who just doesn't get it and the dance instructor is all, FIVE-SIX-SEVEN-EIGHT and everyone starts doing all these cool moves except the one person who is always about 5 steps behind and only usually does half a move and sort of just moves their arms up and down and trips and stuff because by the time they know what move they're on the other people are already on the next song? That was me today at a hip-hop class at my gym.

It's not as funny in real life.


May-B said...

I don't know. Seems funny to me.

Imnotbenny said...

That's me whenever I try to dance. Ever.

I almost killed some people trying to do the hustle once.

notquiteawake said...

Yeah, ok. It was funny. And I'm totally going back and I'm going to learn all the moves and I'm going to be so awesome that next time I go to someone's wedding people will form a circle around me and THIS time the circle won't be for mocking.
Imnotbenny, we must never dance together. Unless the intention is to maim. Then it's ok.