Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doing it online style

I've started throwing around the idea of online dating again. Why? I don't know. It's not like I'm super desperate for a boyfriend, because I'm not. I actually really like being alone most of the time. If I could date myself, I probably would. I get along well with myself, I like the same things as myself, I've grown accustomed to my crazy, and, most importantly, the only shit I have to put up with is my own shit. I guess maybe I think I should have a boyfriend because that's something you should probably want to have at some point right? And also I'm bored. Maybe I just need to find some friends. But that would mean I would actually have to leave the house. Life is hard!

My first online dating experience was a cross between hilarious and creepy and neither of those were in a good way. So, rather than make a decision, I'm going to make a pros and cons list as a homage to my good friend T-Far.

Con: A lot of people I know have tried online dating with no success.
Pro: A good friend of mine recently started dating her online dude and is very happy.

Con: People decide to contact or not contact someone based on what they look like.
Pro: I can decide to contact or not contact someone based on what they look like.

Con: Having a guy send me pictures and scrolling down to reveal that he forgot to put on pants.
Pro: The freedom to reject douches and not having to do it to their face.

Con: It seems very anti-social.
Pro: I don't have to leave my house to meet people.

Con: Dates with morons.
Pro: Awesome blog material.

I guess the biggest pro would be that I might actually meet someone who I really like and that might mean that I would maybe get to have sex sometime again before I die. That would be cool. And I'm really not tied down here at all so, if I met someone who lived somewhere else, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Hm. Ok. Something to think about.

What do you think blog friends?


Imnotbenny said...

HA! You're exactly like me, except I'm not a woman and what-not.

The pros and cons list is nice-

maybe those guys with no pants aren't forgetful, they just chafe easily. I would probably never wear pants either if I had some crazy chafing problem.

Anonymous said...

Well, you do have access to a much bigger pool of candidates now, no? I've heard dating is tough in Toronto. Maybe this is a good way around that.

Plus, I enjoy your blog and look forward to your hilarious antics. So think of it as a service to the community that are we, your readers.


May-B said...

I'm marrying the man I met from an online dating site in less than five months from now. So... I'm biased.

notquiteawake said...

Oh yeah! May-B, I always forget you were an onliner! Well, that's a pro then. You guys make a great couple.

farleycat said...

Thanks for the shout out, you honestly made my week! At least, I hope the shout out was me. Unless you have another friend with that J-Lo name.

I love Pro-Con lists. I'm voting for do it! It will be fun, for all of us. And you might find some good friends to just hang out with too.

Billie Rock said...

I recently tried the whole online dating thing. It didn't work. However I live in town of 12,000 people and there are 5 guys in my age range online to choose from.

You live in Toronto. Which is really close to Detroit. Two big cities full of men. So I say do them! Good results happen all the time. Haven't you ever seen those e-Harmony commercials? Those couples are perfect.

Oh and remember Trina? She married a guy she met online...

I'm counting way more pros.

notquiteawake said...

You guys are really swaying me towards the pros....
Farleycat, yes of course it was you!

tee said...

As the last person on the planet who ever thought she would have success with on-line dating I say go for it. It's fun and harmless to flirt; it's entertaining if nothing else. And who knows? Think positive and keep an open mind.