Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baseball! and other things

Oh, let's see, why don't I check eharmony to see how many guys have closed my match without even talking to me.  Oh good! Only five.  That's a record I think.  How many of those actually viewed my profile.  Two!  Wicked.

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I'm almost done my last online class for Event Management and, because I'm pretty sure I don't want to do this as a career and am only finishing it up because I invested a lot of money into it, and also because I didn't have time, I decided to do as little work as possible on my major assignment.  I had worked it out that, if I failed this project, I would still be able to pass the class, so I finished it in about two hours and handed it in without checking it.  90%.   What the hell.  

**  **  **

I played my first ball game tonight!  It was so awesome and great.  The team is really nice and fun and there are cute boys but they are all married but, so what, I'm not above breaking up a marriage.  Oh wait, yes I am above that.  Dammit.

I got to play second base which is my favorite and I actually played pretty well and I think I surprised most of the guys on the team because guys automatically assume girls suck which is a bit degrading but, whatever.  I kind of felt sorry for the short stop who, whenever a lefty was up to bat had to sprint over to the opposite side of the field to "cover me" if a ball got hit in my direction and, by the third time I was like, buddy, I can obviously fucking catch a ball, maybe go back and play your position and, I don't know, cover second base in case I need to throw to you.

The best part of the game was when I ran up to get an easy grounder and whipped around to throw it to first which would have been a totally awesome play if the guy at first base hadn't been standing behind me in case I missed the ball.  Go team work.

But, aside from those few mishaps, it was a really fun time and I think I'm going to really enjoy playing on the team.  After the game we all went out for beer and wings except I didn't have beer but LORD how I wanted one and, let me tell you, this is going to be a difficult summer, but I did have wings AND fries AND pizza and it was the first time I'd eaten crap like that for I don't know how long and it was WONDERFUL.

And then I got lost two times on the way home.  Classic ending.

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farleycat said...

I'm so happy you're playing ball. And cute married boys on the team might have cute unmarried brothers or other friends!!

Or awkward ones named Chris. I don't know. Maybe. Sorry.