Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Account closed and underwear.

So the deal is this: Despite the amount of inspiring, encouraging comments, I decided to close my eharmony account. And, don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the comments, you are all very awesome, I'm just pretty sure that if the only reason I was continuing my subscription was because I didn't want to waste the money, then the whole internet dating scene was not for me. At least not right now. It just wasn't fun. And I wasn't trying. And I felt guilty for not trying when so many of the guys on there are. Before I closed it I decided I was going to really give it my all and put everything into trying but then I was like, trying sucks, so I stopped.

I've been communicating with 4 or 5 guys so I basically sent them a message saying I'm leaving and giving them my email in case they wanted to keep in contact. Apparently they do as I have two more dates coming up which may prove to be interesting. One is with the guy who said he was white but clearly isn't. Why am I going you may ask? Because he is also clearly very attractive. And I am shallow. But I've also been single for a LONG time so cut me some slack. The other is with a guy who is Irish and sounds really cool and maybe he has an accent which would be a bonus. I'm also going on my second date with the guy from Saturday. He suggested supper. I suggested coffee. He ignored me and suggested sushi and I like sushi so sushi it is! We're going on Sunday evening. I figure two dates is good to see if I like someone enough to continue. If I still feel nothing I will ask him if he just wants to hang out as friends because that is something everyone wants to hear. So, basically, I did close my account but I'm still going to keep in contact with the guys who I was talking to but I won't be getting any new matches. It's kind of a relief not to have to deal with it anymore. Remind me of this when I get the great idea to start internet dating again.

** ** **

Here's something sad: One of my friends told me yesterday that a friend of hers is dying of cancer. I'm not sure if I'm going to get this story straight and she reads this so I apologize if it's wrong but, I think what happened is that she has Crohn's disease and she had to get part of her bowel removed and, when they opened her up, they found that her body was full of cancer. She just turned 27. Her friends have come from all over Canada to be with her and they all made her this quilt with patches that represented memories that they had of her and her life which is so amazing and so very very sad. It really got me thinking about how people are always saving things to do when they have money or when they retire or whatever and who knows what will happen before then and what if you never get to do all the things you planned? It made me sad.

Which leads me to something happier: My friend May-B is getting married in September and she invited me to her after-party because the ceremony is very small and I really wanted to go but I didn't know if I could afford it so I was sort of on the fence but yesterday, after I heard the sad story, I started looking at flights. And then today she found that she has room for some extra people at the ceremony so she invited me to that! So I decided to go! I'm so excited! So guess what, city that rhymes with fun, I'm coming back! Start preparing.

For those who live there, I'm planning on flying in on Friday the 18th so you should probably book that night off immediatly. Also, I will be coming to Saturday morning coffee ladies so you should plan on being there too. For those who don't live there, don't get too down. It gets very cold in winter.

** ** **

Speaking of the city that rhymes with fun, the guy who I went out with for coffee the first time who was from Sri Lanka told me that he thought Regina was in the States and I was like, "No, it's in Canada", and he was like, "But what's the place in the States...Va...I mean...VIRginia...yeah, that's it" and he was so clearly embarrassed and I was thinking as he was saying it, "Dude, I am so sorry that you just said that," as I tried so hard not to laugh and quickly changed the subject to something that didn't rhyme with a female body part. It was awesome.

** ** **

I just recently realized that I don't get TSN with my satellite cable package which means I can't watch the Rider games on TV and a part of me died a little bit so I emailed my landlord and promised my first born to him if he gets the channel added on. And also I would pay for it. With babies. I hope he goes for it.

At the moment I'm listening to the last pre-game on the internet. I love the internet. I'm also wearing my Saskatchewan Roughrider underwear for luck. Except it's not really Roughrider underwear. It's Rider green but, instead of sliver "S's" there are sliver dollar signs but they look like "S's" if you squint or look at them quickly and look away so it's close enough. I imagine if I were to go out in public without pants more people would yell "Let's go Riders!" then "Let's go Money" anyways. IF I were to go out in public without pants. Which I obviously wouldn't do. Again.

** ** **

Go Riders!


LynnieC said...

You're coming to the wedding??!?!?!?

I'm so freaking pumped. And now I feel my dress money has not been wasted. See you in September.

erin said...

this post was exciting as the grey cup.

boooo eharmony!
yaaaay vag!nas!
boooo lack of tsn!
yaaaaay green ginch!

erin said...

PS----DOUBLE boo cancer!
and DOUBLE yay great friends!

Imnotbenny said...

yaaaay vaginas is the best comment I have ever seen.

That deserves some kind of award.

Lindzle said...

you got the story right. it is sad but imagine having friends that basically drop everything in their lives to be with you and to love you. it is amazing and such a tribute to how great she is.

May-B said...

Yay for coming to my wedding!!!! It's one of the few things I am looking forward to. That came out wrong. I can't wait to get married. I just want the wedding to bite me. See you soon!!!

Yay vaginas!!! PS Did you know the correct plural for vagina is vaginae? Glad to be of service.

eHarmony_jack said...

Sorry that your experience wasn’t fun. In case you have questions or need help in the future, you can follow me on Twitter @eharmony_jack or contact our Customer Care team: http://help-singles.eharmony.com/

We really do want people to have a good time & find someone that made the experience worth it. Glad to hear that you at least met a few interesting guys & are living life to the fullest. Enjoy your trip!

- Jack

notquiteawake said...

Lyn: I'm going to expect lots of cleavage as per your usual bridesmaid style

erin: Yay vaginas indeed.

Imnotbenny: Good plan. I'm going to start a best comment award! Later though.

Lindzle: That's a really good way of looking at things.

May-B: Only you would offer up that nugget of knowledge.

Eharmony_Jack: I didn't know you followed my blog. How flattering! Now that you're a fan, it would be awesome if you could tell me why your website won't let me delete my accuont. It's sort of pissing me off a bit. Thanks!

eHarmony_jack said...

Oh, you can close your account, no problem. :) Here’s how:

1. Log into your eHarmony account
2. Select the My Settings tab at the top of the page
3. Click the Account Settings subheading link
4. Click the “close account” button at the bottom of the page

You will see a page that contains some facts to consider when closing your account. At the bottom of this page you may select the “close” button to complete your account closure.

When that’s complete, any matches you’ve received will be closed and your account will be made unavailable to them.


notquiteawake said...

Eharmony_jack: Thanks. I tried that many times and it didn't work. But it's ok. I called and the account is now deleted.

eHarmony_jack said...

Sorry you had such a hard time, but I'm glad you got it taken care of. Good luck, Notquiteawake.