Monday, June 29, 2009

Experiment! With helping!

So, I'm doing this little experiment and guess what? You can help! And, really, I am asking very little of my many many many blog readers out there.

If you read my blog, and I guess that is a given, if you could leave the following as a comment that would be so super awesome!:
1)Your name(real or fake)
2)where you're from
3)how you found my blog and
4)If you got to chose, which animal you would be.

Yay! Fun!

Basically the experiment is to see if I have more than 5 people who read my blog. If I get 6 or more comments I'm going to celebrate by eating an entire cake BY MYSELF. Or I just might do that anyways. That's the kind of mood I'm in. Or a case of beer. What evs.


Jack said...

mmmm, through another site, scmutzies, if I recall.
the drummer from the muppets

Billie Rock said...

Dawson Creek
I stalk you

tee said...

you gave me the address

farleycat said...

you told me to read your blog

farleycat said...

Note: but I also like to read your blog, so thanks for telling me to read it.

Anonymous said...

Tim, though sometimes my friends call me T-dog, Teem, or little Timmy sunshine, but that's an inside joke thing.

That's right, I just said that. I have no shame.

Fairhaven, Michigan

I think I found your blog from a treasure map. Or from Billierock.

King Kong.

No wait- MOTHRA!

No wait- moths are nasty.

King Kong.

Anonymous said...

linked from friends blog

Wilma said...

~ Wilma
~ small town Saskatchewan
~ Schmutzie or May-B, can't remember
~ a cat

&, if I have a vote, I'd say go for the beer!

Working From Home Today said...

Dahling, go to and create a counter for your page. It's super easy, gives you the code for your template and everything.

Then you'll always know how many and where from and your only challenge will be not checking it obsessively.

In the meantime,
-- Working From Home Today
-- Regina, SK
-- I can't remember what this question was... how I found you? I paid you rent for three months.
-- And something about animals? Dog.

Carol said...

London (Ontario)
by way of working from home today
a cat

Heathercoo said...

Calgary, AB
Ugh can't remember, either you left a comment on my blog and I came and checked you out or you left a comment on someone else's blog and I came and checked you out.
Boobs. Wait what was the question? Um Lemur.

Anonymous said...

Either you told me or I just found out. I don't remember.
I'd be man, but man is a strange animal, that's what I know.

erin said...

Busty McLure
hmmm. through facebook? or some other college-type connection.
a dog. provided i could live in your house and chew your stuff and pee on things and be a source of humour for you.

or actually, not you, but your blog readers.

LynnieC said...

You told me!
A puppy!!! And then I would just look in the mirror all the time and think about how cute I am because puppies are the cutest ever.

Wow, I am SO going to be single forever.

Momma Pants said...



Working linked to it from her blog.

Is there an animal that is neither predator or prey? If so, I will be that one.

Anonymous said...

Gainesville, Florida
I believe Schmutzie
No preference really. Maybe a housecat because they nap a lot. I like naps.

P.S. I had/have that same dizziness "Let's check your ears and then tell you you have cancer" thing you do.

rockygrace said...

Upstate New York
I don't remember
Hmmm .... I prefer being a human, but if I had to choose, I guess I'd be a turtle.

Danielle said...



Through a link on Mayb's blog which was through a link from crazybarefeet's blog


notquiteawake said...

Jack : You win for best animal. Fantastic choice.

Billie: My first female stalker! Sweet.

Tee: I totally knew you would say Liger.

farleycat: Otter hey? Interesting choice. And thank you for clarifying that you continued to read after I forced you.

Tim: Moths ARE nasty. Good call.

Anonymous: I can’t quite break your code.

Wilma: I will take your beer and up you a 26 of Gin.

Working: I do have a stats counter but I wanted to hear from the real deal! P.S. I miss the roommates.

Carol: Hey, you live near me!

Heather: You win for funniest comment. Boobs! Awesome.

Jay: You win for best random Gowan quote. Congrats!

Erin: You win for best fake name. I will from now on call you Busty.

Lyn: You and me both dude. At least you’ll be cute.

Brenda: Good animal choice. I don’t know what it would be but I like your criteria.

Amanda: I also like naps. My dizzy thing turned out to be my neck. My doctor still doesn’t believe me.

RockyCat: Go with Turtle. Turtles are awesome. Especially Ninja ones.

Danielle: There are so many cats. You guys should start a club. Is it just because of the napping?

Moira said...

Am I too late? Sorry, been away for a while!


Iqaluit, soon to be Clyde River

I think through Facebook

I have no idea. I'm just boring that way. And too tired to think up something creative that won't be funny.

Lindzle said...

i suck...i hope i'm not late:

You kick my ass three times a week so it was appropriate we have something to talk about - you gave me the address.
I would be some form of roadkill... raccoon, skunk, perhaps a bird that had a really shitty day...that's me!

Schmutzie said...

1) Schmutzie
2) Regina, Saskatchewan
3) I know you in real life
4) A lemur

May-B said...

I can't believe I missed this!!! Stupid lack of internet.

1) Bronwyn
2) Regina
3) I know you in real life and you told me about it and now I really like it and I miss you so this is a great way to keep in touch.
4) Which animal takes the longest naps? I want to be that one.