Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not really that funny but still informative

I currently dwell in a basement suite and I get free laundry but, part of the deal is, I have to go upstairs to do it. This means making appointments with my upstairs neighbours which is fine because they are nice, but it also means that I now have a new best friend in their 13 year old boy. Every time I go up to load or unload he is instantly beside me full of questions and useful tidbits:
"So, did you come from Saskatchewan or something?|
"Yes I did come from Saskatchewan."
"How long did it take you to get here?"
"Four days."
"Wow, that's far."
"Yes it is"
"You know the neighbours beside us?"
"Don't talk to them."
"He's a pervert."
"How old are you?"
"13. I just haven't hit my growth spurt yet."
"Does eating broccoli make you taller?"
"I've heard that it does."
"I'm pretty sure it doesn't."
"Oh. My doctor says I will probably get to 5'5"
"That's pretty good."
"No, that's short. What's the average height for guys?"

And that was pretty much my Saturday afternoon.

** ** **

Remember the guy who asked me what animal I was? We went our for coffee on Friday. He was pretty much what I expected and I didn't have that high of expectations. He managed to fit in not one, but two stories about why he thinks he has this connection with birds(the animal I picked)and, despite him saying on his profile that he is honest, I listened while he told his boss he was at a doctors appointment. He was nice though and would probably make a good friend but I can't see anything happening in the dating department. But this is ok because apparently I am emitting some weird vibe that's telling all my friends to set me up with people.

I have never in my life been set up by anyone. Now, it appears to be happening quite frequently. My friend's husband was mentioning to some guy that he works with that I was living with them and this guy was all over wanting to go out, not ever having met or seen me which is weird. He even sent my friend's husband pictures of himself to show me. ON HIS BOAT. Need I say more? Yeah, I think I'm going to say it again. ON HIS BOAT. Weird or not I think I'm going to give him a chance. I'm nice that way.

That same friend is also trying to set up a time for me to meet this french dude who is supposed to be awesome, and another client friend has just recently mentioned someone who she thinks I would like. AND I have a supper date next Saturday with another eharmony guy. My dance card is FULL people. Cool? Exciting? Frightening?



Imnotbenny said...

Holy crap, your dance card really is full.

My friends are filled with suck, and just don't care about setting me up with anyone.

Take care with that guy on the boat- if he's in the mafia, I would suggest not going. Bad stuff happens with mafiosos and boats- I've seen it on The Sopranos.

Billie Rock said...

Wow that is a full dance card. Maybe I need to move to Toronto! I am currently working on one date for a total of two since moving here 8 months ago. My problem could lie in the fact that I'm bad at calling. But that's just a theory. Probably way off base/

Anonymous said...

That 13 year old sounds like awesome fun.

May-B said...

Ha!!! That kid sounds awesome.

Go to a laundromat.

Lindzle said...

When are you going to make time for me?