Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why I'm single reason #58 and other things.

Tuesday night at baseball I was running to third and I was going really fast because I'm probably the fastest person alive and then the third base coach was like, "Whoa there dude, slow down, you're good," so I slowed down and kind of sauntered over to third because I was easily going to make it and then I tripped over the base. And fell down. While WALKING. So smooth.

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It's questions for the doctor today on the Bonnie Hunt show and some lady just asked the doctor how she could to stick to her diet when she and her friends always go out for lunch and they always order appetizers and dessert and I really wished I was on TV because I would say something like, "Are your friends force feeding you the appetizers and desserts? Because if they are, they're really not your friends. And if they aren't, I'm not even going to bother to answer the question because if you don't know the answer yourself, you really should be staying indoors". I should be on TV.

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Two days ago I took some pasta with ground chicken out of the freezer for my lunch break but then didn't come home on my lunch break so it sat out all day and into the evening and by the time I got home it had been thawed out for I don't know how long but I just stuck it in the fridge because I don't like wasting food and I ate it last night for supper and this morning I woke up with a wicked stomach ache and have felt like total garbage all day. I wonder if there's any correlation? Nah. Running should be fun tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I feel your fall-over-pain. Maybe gravity just affects us differently?

I'm pretty sure it was the chicken, though.

Billie Rock said...

90% of the people on dating sites are idiots. Bet the dude thought that was funny, or he's just an idiot. Actually it's probably the latter.

On a internet dating note, I got a message yesterday from this dude that said "You're really going to like my profile" I click on the profile and he's clearly naked in every picture. Cause I really love that.

Becca said...

I had no initial attraction to my husband but he made me laugh so i saw him again. and again and againagainagain etc