Monday, July 6, 2009

We stand on guard for thee

One year my parents went to Edmonton for a holiday and I was too cool so I didn't go, and they brought me back this T-shirt as a gift and, to their face, I was all, "Oh, this is so awesome! How did you know I liked tight T-shirts with writing across the boobs!" but in my head I was all, "What the fuck? Did you just meet me? I'm not the kind of person who wears T-shirts like this," but apparently I AM the kind of person who wears T-shirts like that but only one day a year. And last Wednesday was that day. So, in honor of Canada Day, here is a picture of the shirt:

And also it's a picture of my boobs. So there you go. Bonus.
(P.S. It's true. We do kick ass.)
(P.P.S Does using both brackets AND a P.S. kind of cancel each other out because shouldn't you use either one or the other? I don't know.)

Canada Day is a holiday so I got Wednesday off and my friend and I went to the beaches in Toronto for a country jam super jamboree fun free concert(Note: may not be the real name of the concert.) (P.S.) It was pretty awesome. Not only was it free, which I think is actually a synonym for awesome, but the bands were really great and the weather was fantastic.

When we arrived Tara Oram was just starting and she was really good. (If you don't like Country music it's best that you just skip over this part because I do like Country music and I still don't really know enough about the groups to make it interesting even to myself.) She sings that song "Fly girl" which I like.

Next up was Amanda Wilkinson and she was great. I'm also pretty sure she was drunk. At the end her brother came on and they sang some Wilkinsons songs like that one about the quarter and the penny or whatever? Yeah, I like that one. About half way through she started talking to the audience about how artists are just misunderstood and I said to my friend that if she started playing a Michael Jackson song I was going to puke, and then she did. But I didn't puke. Mostly because all I had eaten was a hot dog and I didn't really want to have to eat another one after I emptied my stomach. I am so sick of hearing about Micheal Jackson. It's sad when people die but, up until this point, the only thing we ever heard about him in the news or anywhere else for years was some other nugget of information that further proved that he was super fucked up and now he's being portrayed as this God who was the best thing to happen to anyone. And, yes, he was very talented and pushed all these boundaries and whatever but, jesus, enough already.

But I digress.

Then Jason Blaine played and he was really good. And then Emmerson Drive, who have apparently been nominated for a Grammy so that means they probably won't be doing free concerts for that much longer. They were a great closer though. I knew almost all of their songs and we got up and danced with all the drunk people.

Oh, I forgot about the guy who started chatting me up in the bathroom line. Guys, if you're ever trying to pick up a girl at an outdoor concert, don't try to chat them up in the line for the porta potties. It's awkward. And you will almost inevitably start talking about how much one or both of you have to pee and THIS LINE IS SO LONG BUT GOOD THING I BROUGHT MY BEER WITH ME which is not something you really want to talk about. Or, I guess, it's not something I really want to talk about.

And then we took about 7 different forms of public transportation back to where we live which was sort of an adventure.

What I always enjoy about events like this is the people watching. It soon became apparent after about 30 minutes of watching that I was wearing WAY too much clothing but, unfortunately, I don't really feel comfortable walking around in my underwear, when I'm sober, so I had to bite the social bullet and keep my T-shirt and capri pants on and not go along with the crowd. It really was amazing what some of these people were wearing though. Truly amazing.

The best part of the concert was this guy who was very likely high and having the best time in whatever world he was in. I could go on and on about all the things he did but this picture pretty much says it best:

He's playing air guitar by the way. And he also did some pretty mean air drums. I decided he was my friend's boyfriend because I'm in grade 6.

So, happy belated birthday Canada. Despite the jokes, I am very proud to be a Canadian. No matter where I go, it will always be home and I will always look forward to coming back.

Oh, and this is what I did on Saturday:

My life is so hard.


LynnieC said...

Your life IS so hard! And you've inspired me to further postpone my homework by blogging about my Canada Day experience.

Also, I hope your friend and that dude are very happy together. He looks like he'd be fun to throw oranges at at parties.

notquiteawake said...

Ha! I had totally forgotten about the Orange throwing. Speaking of Grade 6.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to a fruit throwing party before. Is that a Canadian thing?

That air guitar guys looks just like someone I used to work with. I think he took off cause the cops were looking for him, so it actually might be him.

"Nice seeing you again, Dave! Glad you dodged the po-po!"

The picture in my head of you puking 'cause of a Michael Jackson song is hilarious to me because I am an infant.

Dayna said...

he's such a sexual man. I miss him already.

tee said...

My Canada Day experience mostly involved watching under-clothed, drunk people in Wascana Park and then tattling when we saw a grown man with a switchblade ("When you're a jet, you're a jet all the way..."). Any free event brings out the REAL class...yes, I realize I was there too.

Lindzle said...

Nice pool! Too bad you didn't get in! You'll have to come up again when I won't need a valium to be fun! Also, Look at you posting pictures in your blogs - a whole new approach! Seriously, that guy is so sexy, your description of him did NOT do him justice.

Billie Rock said...

I would like to have an air-guitar off with that guy. I think I could win. I'm that awesome

May-B said...

Why am I the only one to be "Sweet! I just saw your boobs!"?

C.J. Koster said...

Canadian girls kick ass.