Monday, December 28, 2009

Chevy Chase is alive!!

So, it turns out that after spending a week with family and friends and always having someone to go out with and also always having someone to stay home with, makes coming home to an empty apartment slightly less enjoyable then you would think. You would think I would be happy to get home and get back into my routine and sleep in my own bed and use all my own stuff. You would think. But it appears that I am more lonely than before I left. Stupid holidays. So I think I'm just going to continue eating chocolate and cookies until I throw up. And then maybe go to bed. That's healthy right?

On a positive note, there seems to be a sitcom on and it looks like it stars Chevy Chase and I thought Chevy Chase was dead so that's good. For him. Good on you Chevy Chase for not being dead. I'm not sure if it's a good sitcom or not because I have it on mute. That's the kind of fun stuff I do around here. Sit around with my TV on mute. Good times.

On an embarrassing note, the other day I was training one of my clients at the gym and we were talking about movies and she said one of her favorites was The Princess Bride and she was like, "Have you seen it?" and I was all excited and started talking about how I'm so glad someone else likes that movie because I felt so lame for liking it and I've seen BOTH of them and isn't Julie Andrews still good even though she's old? And she's like "Both of them?" and I'm like, "Maybe?" and then she said that perhaps I was thinking of The Princess DIARIES and then I was like, "I WAS TOTALLY JOKING! No one likes THOSE movies except ten year old girls right? Princess Diaries. I totally had you going there....ha...ha...."

So, in conclusion, not only did I mistake a classic movie like The Princess Bride for The Princess Diaries, but I also admitted to someone that I actually enjoyed watching The Princess Diaries. Both of them.

Time for more chocolate.


Ky said...

On the Chevy Chase: The sitcom he's on now is brilliant. So glad the man is not dead.

Lindzle said...

I love the Princess Diaries. Both of them!

notquiteawake said...

Ky: I actually watched it for a while with the sound on and it is really good. It reminded me of Arrested Developement.

Lindzle: Thank you. We should form a support group.

Wanderer said...

Ba ha ha ha - that was a classic Jodi kind of moment!

PS: I secretly like them too - shhh

Amanda said...

I just saw the Princess Bride for the first time on Monday. I always just pretended I'd seen it when people would ask. However, I have seen both Princess Diaries. Years ago. So, I'm on the lame train with you.