Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stupid jerk day for jerks.

So, today was pretty much the most awesome day of all time.  Except the opposite of that.

Work kind of sucked because I didn’t do much in the way of sales and by the end of the night I was just so tired of asking people if they wanted a personal line of credit or tax free savings account and so discouraged that no one wanted anything that I just wanted to go home and eat and go to bed.

But I had to stop for a few groceries and found that apparently the staff the grocery stores hire to work their overnight shift aren’t really as bright as they could be because the guy, when he couldn’t find the price for a bag of 4 avocados decided to ring in the price for 4 separate avocados because, “That’s like, the same price right?” and I’m like, “No actually.  No it isn’t the same price,” so he had to go find a manager because he couldn't void things by himself but then he couldn’t find a manager so he came back and said, “It’s just, like ten cents right?” and I’m like, “Can you add at all?” So then he just gave me my red pepper for free.  Because I’m sure they’re totally allowed to do that.

And then as I was driving down my street, I noticed all the lights were off down the street and also in the apartments and I was like, “Fantastic.  The power’s out,”  except I didn’t mean fantastic at all I meant fuck.

So, I decided that I would try to use the underground parking because I thought the automatic door somehow ran on batteries or something?  I’m not sure, but of course it didn’t work so I was stuck on the steepest down ramp of all time and, yes, “down ramp” is a thing, so I decided to rev the shit out of my car in reverse to get back up and almost didn’t make it but I did make and then my car smelled like it was on fire.  I’m hoping I just burned the rubber off my tires but it may end up that I blew the shit out of my engine.

So, then I get into my apartment and think that at least I can check my email and stuff because my laptop is for sure battery powered but then when I opened it I was sadly disappointed because the router is actually NOT battery powered and I apparently don’t understand electricity at all.

And so I’m just basically sitting in my apartment hungry, in the dark, wondering what the hell people did with themselves before electricity because I sure don’t know what to do.

And then I decided to write a blog post in Word because that's what they must have done in the olden days.

**  **  **
The power came on and I was like YAY! But then it went off again so now I’m looking for someone to punch.

**  **  **
It’s on again.  For reals this time I think.  I’m going to go take advantage of this to make some delicious toast.

Tomorrow will be better right?


Sarah said...

Totally! Today is going to kick so much A, you don't even know.

(Sorry about the crappy day. I can't even stop trying to turn on lights when the power is out.)

notquiteawake said...

That's so funny. I kept doing stuff like that the whole time. Like, I wanted to make something to eat so I thought that I'd just use the light from the fridge to see. Turns out, no.

mariahsmile said...

Sorry for the terrible day :( I definately know what those days are like for the past two weeks! I just keep thinking, "If it is this bad now, I can't wait to see how the universe is going to make up for it in good days!".

dorkvader said...

Aw man, that sucks! I hate those days, and seriously, I think the Universe owes you a good day now.

May-B said...

That does suck. Today will be better. We have decreed it thus.

tattytiara said...

The power only goes out when you're already having a crappy day. That's a rule.

Amanda said...

He wanted to give you 4 avocados for 10 cents? I <3 avocados btw.

I hate this crappy day for you. Who do I need to kick in the nuts to make up for it?

I also never realize how electricity works. When ours goes out, I'm all, "well I can do this - SHIT it needs electricity!"

Jackee said...

Toast makes EVERYTHING better! :o)

notquiteawake said...

Thanks guys! Toast really does make everything better though.

Amanda, would you kick anyone I wanted in the nuts? Because I could make a list.

dorkvader said...

oo, send me a copy of that list! I'll hold them, and Amanda can kick, and we'll switch off. Sound good?